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Terms & Conditions

The Terms of Service are incorporated herein by reference.

For the developer/designer

Fonts specified in limited use websites may be used on domains (URLs) for testing and evaluation purposes but will only be made available to a maximum of 20 IP addresses and such use my not be for commercial production.

The annual fee for unlimited use websites shall automatically renew for successive additional terms unless either party gives notice to the other that it will not renew, not later than 10 days before the end of the then ending term.

For the website

The fee is for an annual subscription for the Fontdeck service for the domains specified in the user’s online account, commencing on either the date that the font was added to an unlimited use website, or the date that the website was upgraded to an unlimited status, whichever is the later, and shall end on the 365th day thereafter; provided that this Agreement shall continue for additional annual periods unless either party gives written notice of non renewal at least 30 days prior to the end of the prior expiring term. On renewals, the fee shall be due on the first day of the renewal term. Fontdeck reserves the right to increase or decrease annual fees.

Subscription License

  1. All fees are non-refundable. Successive periods of subscription are due on the anniversary date hereof.
  2. Any misuse of codes or keys for font access is a material breach of this agreement and subject to immediate termination.
  3. All access codes and keys are confidential and may not be disclosed by users Client, posted on a website or otherwise made publicly available or be transmitted to any third party not authorized to have them.
  4. Access to fonts is controlled by license keys and can be disabled by Fontdeck if the Client violates this Services Order or the Terms of Service.
  5. Client must create an account to access the Fontdeck service.
  6. All rights not granted by Fontdeck are reserved.
  7. Fontdeck reserves the right to remove fonts during subscription period, but will provide 90 days notice in doing so.
  8. Fontdeck reserves the right to increase license fees for any additional terms beyond the initial term herein. Fontdeck will give notice of price increases, which may be made electronically or posted at
  9. Fontdeck reserves the right to remove or discontinue fonts after the license period ends.
  10. Fontdeck reserves the right to remove Client accounts that it determines are violating or likely to be violating the Terms of Service.
  11. Client may remove their account by contacting Fontdeck through a method detailed online at Account deactivation will not entitle the Client to any refunds.
  12. Fontdeck is not liable for any interruption in service or losses resulting from using the Service.
  13. Fontdeck reserves the right to suspend the service to Clients with payments outstanding.
  14. Fontdeck may suspend service to any Client that has unusual bandwidth usage, or different websites registered as the same website project (ie. using a single license to provision more than a single website).

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