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About this typeface

Classification Script » Handwritten
Foundry Chank Co
Designer Chank Diesel

This half-cursive typeface was a custom font job created for P. Puff Industries, creators of fashionable rubberband bracelets with cool slogans. You might have seen them worn on Kevin Garnett's wrist when he was slam dunking for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

P. Puff commissioned the font in 2002 with one-year exclusive rights. Now the copyright has reverted to Chank, and this fabulous typeface is available to you! P. Puff was looking for something stylish and fun, incorporating the look and feel of Barney's, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Fred Segal, sophisticated arts and crafts, and hip hop. Quite diverse influences, but Chank was up for the challenge.

Chank presented two intitial sketch fonts, a Roman typeface and an arts-and-crafts style cursive, both revived from The Hunt Brothers "Lettering of Today" book from the 1930s. These sketch fonts are now free fonts Schwing Shift and Schwinger. The irrepressible and quixotic head Puff, Ave Maria Green, requested a combination of the two styles, and thus emerged Swingdancer. Client satisfaction guaranteed!

With a swooshy hand-painted flow, the strokes of this vintage brush script are influenced by the work of Minneapolis' premiere sign painter Phil VanderVaart. While each character is charming on its own merit, put 'em together and this font dances with the swing rhythm and bursting energy of Benny Goodman's big band. And don't miss the dandy special characters for letter combinations tt, th, or, os, and an extra fancy alternate capital M.

Without a doubt, Swingdancer will satisfy the jones of Chank's Retro Font fans.