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About this typeface

Classification Serif » Transitional
Foundry TypeTogether
Designer José Scaglione, Veronika Burian

Karmina is a text typeface developed mainly for pocket books and budget editions. It was built to withstand the worst printing conditions: low quality papers, high printing speed with web presses and variations in the ink level of the printing press.

Some of Karmina's most representative features are the rather large serifs, intended to work perfectly in small reproduction sizes, the sharpness of the shapes, including some calligraphic reminiscences, and the large and yet graceful ink traps in the acute connections. Structurally, Karmina combines a significantly large x-height with relatively compressed letterforms. The result of these features grants Karmina outstanding legibility and economy.

Karmina was part of the Tipos Latinos exhibition 2008, the 23rd Biennale of Graphic Design 2008 in Brno. and won a merit in the European-wide ED-Awards competition 2007.