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Positype was founded by type designer and lettering artist, Neil Summerour. Based in the US, with one foot in Japan, Neil's display and text faces are versatile and full of calligraphic character.

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The creation of Jonathan Barnbrook, a true original voice in contemporary British design. Barnbrook designs iconic, experimental, innovative, but above all usable fonts which truly express the spirit of the age.

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Established in 1991, Melbourne-based Letterbox is a project-based typographic studio which has produced an impressive array of unique, well crafted and highly usable display and text faces.

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Fontsmith is a leading London based type design studio headed up by Jason Smith and Phil Garnham. Fontsmith designs modern, iconic typefaces superbly suited for use on screen, including the ever popular FS Albert.

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Are you a type designer or foundry?

We’re always on the look out for new foundries and type designers to partner with Fontdeck. If you’re interested in making your fonts available through Fontdeck then please get in touch with Richard Rutter or call on +44 845 838 6163.