Bree Thin

Bree Thin
Up, and after doing some busi
Up, and after doing some business at my office abroad to Lumbard Street, abou…

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About this font

Font Family Bree
Classification Display » Sans serif
Foundry TypeTogether
Designer Jos Scaglione, Veronika Burian
Opentype , , , , , ,

Bree, based on TypeTogether's own logotype, is a sleek sans serif that delivers a polished and modern look and feel for branding or headline usage.
Some of its most characteristic features are the one-story 'a', the cursive 'e', the curves in the outstrokes of 'v' and 'w', the flourish 'Q' and the fluidity of shapes on 'g y z'.

Clearly influenced by handwriting, Bree shows a pleasant mixture of rather unobtrusive capitals and the more vivid lowercase letters, that give the text a spirited and lively appearance. It is definitely a memorable upright italic!

Bree was part of the Tipos Latinos exhibition 2008 and appeared on several best-of-the-year fonts lists of 2008. If you loved the multi-award wining Bree, you will surely love its seriffed cousin!