Berber Bold

Berber Bold
Up, and after doing some busi
Up, and after doing some business at my office abroad to Lumbard Street, abou…

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About this font

Font Family Berber
Classification Display » Geometric
Display » Sans serif
Display » Poster
Foundry Letterbox
Designer Lan Huang, Niels Oeltjen, Stephen Banham
Opentype , , , , , ,

Initially inspired by an untitled typeface from an old hand-lettering book, Berber has been extensively developed over two incarnations to function as a very strong and confident sans. In 2003 Berber was used as the display face for issue 46 of Eye, the graphic design journal. The extensive revisions to Berber in 2011 enabled it to be used across longer settings as well as its more conventional use on larger and graphic applications such as signage.

Berber Text has true small caps via OpenType, along with oldstyle and lining proportional numerals.

Via OpenType stylistic set 1 (ss01) Berber King Caps has superscripts for: 00, inc, pty, ltd, the, and, of, to, at, for, on, off, by, yes, no, go, vs, open, closed, ave, blvd, cl, ct, cres, dr, pde, pl, rd, st, tce, with, this, that, how, what, when, where, who, why. Alternatives for A, K and Q are available through ss02–04.