Fontdeck for foundries

We’re always on the look out for new foundries and type designers to partner with Fontdeck.

If you’re interested in making your fonts available through Fontdeck then please get in touch with Richard Rutter at or on +44 845 838 6163. In the meantime this page should answer many of your questions.

What is Fontdeck?

Fontdeck is a web font service which enables font foundries and type designers to license their fonts for use on websites the world over. We take away all the technical hassle for foundries and make the service really easy for web designers to use.

In effect designers rent fonts from Fontdeck. We host the font files on our own servers and web designers link to those files in order to display the fonts on their website.

Fontdeck is a curated marketplace, bringing high quality fonts to the widest possible audience. We’ve created a level playing field, where independent typeface designers could compete easily with large foundries, and set prices themselves.

Pricing model

Unlike some other web font services, Fontdeck does not have a plan-based pricing scheme. Instead customers license individual fonts on per website, per year basis. We enable foundries to set their own wholesale prices, to which Fontdeck adds a small retail markup. We believe we represent fantastic value to foundries, who get to take a significant chunk of the fee.


It’s vitally important that we protect your foundries’ font assets. Fontdeck works by securely delivering the right font format to the right browser (including EOT, OTF and WOFF). The font files we serve contain only the information necessary for use with web browsers, and these files cannot be installed directly onto to a desktop machine.

We protect the font files through a series of barriers: server referrer protection, a novel approach to caching, unique protection through pattern matching and obfuscation of the font files.

Bespoke font hosting

If you have private clients looking for a web font solution then we can provide the secure, reliable service you're looking for, with completely flexible pricing options.

All part of the service

Fontdeck prides itself on great customer service, and that includes a friendly, helpful and open relationship with its foundry partners.

We provide detailed online reporting and will pay your royalties monthly. We also provide a special administration area where you can upload new or updated fonts, and edit the typeface information in our catalogue. We can handle all font conversion, file uploads, and information input on your behalf, but we also give you full control of all your details and fonts should you want it.

We are also happy to help you prepare your fonts for use on the web, including hinting for the screen.

Good company

If you join Fontdeck, you’ll be in good company. These are just some of the terrific foundries who have partnered with Fontdeck.

See the full list of foundries »

What’s the next step?

If you’re interested in partnering with Fontdeck then please get in touch with Richard Rutter at or on +44 845 838 6163. He’ll answer any other questions you have and start the ball rolling.